Best Nepali Food: Always ready for Dumpling


If you don’t know what momo is, it is dumpling. My mouth starts watering even when I think of it.  It is so delicious that you’ll not be able to say no. Really!

You can get momo in any restaurants in Kathmandu. It is so popular and delicious that no matter where we go, the first food we end up ordering is momo. But to me, home-made momo is the best. My mum makes the best momo.

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There is no other place where i would get tastier momo than my mother makes.

It is not very hard to make momo. Roll out the kneaded dough into small circles, fill it with the fillings you want(vegetables, meat), then wrap it up. Cook them. Pair it up with some spicy hot chutney. You will have your heart filled with joy and stomach with some tasty momo.

Momo is the tastiest when eaten hot. You don’t need a particular weather to eat. You can enjoy it any time of the day or night. Try it and see for yourself how tasty it is.

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